Please don’t ask me that question!

Being a parent to a special needs child is difficult.   But being a friend or family member of that parent is also a challenge, I have realised.  In particular, knowing what to say, how to say it, when not to say anything, and when I need their support, is a testing task.

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Get Real

Emily and Matts wedding Aug 2012When I was younger I had my life and family mapped out.  I would meet and marry the man of my dreams, and fall pregnant with ease.  Following a textbook birth, we would breeze through a divine few months of new-baby heaven.  A perfect toddler and child, my little angel was going to be ridiculously beautiful, with intelligence off-the-scale, achieving highly in sport, joyful around adults and popular with peers. 

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Weekend of Wonder

Since having Jenson 19 months ago I have, as all new mums do, become an emotional liability triggered by the most innocuous of things.  Well this new (and evidently permanent) ailment of mine has just taken on a whole new life of its own, starting last Friday.  Friday was the first day of the chromosome 18 European conference which I attended with Jenson and Matt.  From the very moment that we set foot into the hotel lobby, it was like being reunited with a family that you have known all your life but at the same time never knew existed.

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D – DAY (Diagnosis Day)

Today our paediatrician delivered the news to us that all parents trust to be the news that only other parents get. The scenario that you very briefly let your mind dwell on when you think about starting a family, when you go for your first scan, and when your baby is placed in your arms for that first time. You don’t dare consider that it might actually happen to you, for that would be too much for our minds to deal with. Well it happens, and it really has happened to us. Continue reading D – DAY (Diagnosis Day)